Hey, I'm Ryan.

I am a UX Designer based in the Greater New York City Area and student at Rutgers University expecting to graduate in December 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology & Informatics and a minor in Gender & Media.


Personal Projects

Spotify Mobile UX/UI Redesign

The most recent update to Spotify's mobile UI sent its user base into a large split over whether it was a necessary improvement, or confusing overhaul. I conducted user research on members of r/Spotify to get their feedback and implemented changes to create a better user experience based on their feedback.

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Venmo Recurring Payment Mock-up

Venmo has become a staple in the economy of millennials, used for a wide range of cases from menial transfers such as covering a coworker's coffee order, to larger and more consistent payments like rent and fixed utility bills. I designed a feature that will allow for certain payments to be stored for easy reuse.

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Nintendo Switch Online Messaging System

As a long time Nintendo fan, the video game titan's newest system has a lasting place in my heart. However, one feature that is noticeably missing is a messaging system for friends to communicate with one another, so I took on the task of designing one.

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Party Planning App

The Party Planning App helps users who are constantly stressed over keeping track of the various details that go into planning events. It offers functions such as collecting guests' availability to find the best date and time for everyone invited, as well as a collaborative to do list if the host would like everyone to chip in.

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Academic Projects


Connect is the product of my semester long project for my Intro to Tech & Management course in the Spring 2019 semester, and team and I were tasked with tackling a business processes issue. We decided to help companies with customer retention by bridging the gap between consumer needs and wants and businesses' perception of what customers want.

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Femcee is the product of my final group project for my Gender & Technology course my Spring 2019 semester, and aims to tackle the issue of promoting female artists in genres which are typically male dominated.

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