Ryan Flynn

UX Designer

Hey, I'm Ryan — an aspiring UX Designer expecting to graduate with a Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in January 2020.

I pride myself on my ability to conduct user research, design eye catching UI, and create interactive prototypes.

In my spare time you can find me seeking out local dogs to pet, or at bar trivia, digging into the recesses of my brain to try and remember what the powerhouse of the cell is.

(It's the mitochondria, of course.)

I'm currently seeking opportunities to take my talents and experience into the workforce as a full-time UX Designer, and am open to freelance work.

DogGo App Design

Personal UX Project, October 2019

DogGo is an app concept that I had thought of after expressing to my friends that I wish there were a way for us to "rent a dog" whenever we went hiking, and ended up generating a lot of interest when I reached out to the dogs subreddit asking if they'd be interested in a platform to walk shelter dogs waiting for their forever home.

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Sterling Carting

Web Design, August 2019

During my summer working at Sterling Carting, I was tasked with being the lead web designer for a revamp of the company's website. Initially asked to focus on updating the site's appearance, I also sought out ways in which to improve the customer's experience.

Will McDonald Woodworks

Web Design, September 2019 - Current

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Spotify Mobile Redesign

Personal UX Project, July 2019

In June 2019, Spotify released a controversial update to its mobile UI that sent users into an uproar on social media. I decided to compile user research from the Spotify subreddit to discover common pain points and developed a design based on my findings.

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