Ryan Flynn

UX Designer

Hey, I'm Ryan — a UX Designer expecting to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Rutgers University in January 2020.

In my spare time you can find me seeking out local dogs to pet, or at bar trivia, digging into the recesses of my brain to try and remember what the powerhouse of the cell is.

I'm currently seeking opportunities to take my talents and experience into the workforce as a full-time UX Designer, and am open to freelance work.

Nintendo Switch Messaging System

UX Design, December 2019

In lieu of an existing messaging system for the Nintendo Switch, I've designed a inbox and text chat system using both the console's hardware and the existing Nintendo Switch Online mobile app to allow players around the world to chat with one another and create the opportunity for players to make friends online, with consideration for parental concerns and less social gamers.

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MetroCard Mobile App

UX/UI Design, December 2019

For a class project during my last semester, I was tasked with designing a mobile MTA ticketing experience that would improve user satisfaction by increasing the efficiency of purchasing a ticket or adding funds to an MTA card and scan into the turnstiles.

DogGo App

Product Design, October 2019

DogGo is a personal project that I designed to connect dog lovers who cannot yet own one with shelter dogs in the area to take them on walks to alleviate users' sadness of not having a dog to spend time with and increase local dogs' visibility, activity, and chance of being adopted.

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Sterling Carting

Web Design, August 2019

During my summer working at Sterling Carting, I was tasked with being the lead web designer for a revamp of the company's website. I redesigned the company's desktop and mobile web experience to enhance the visual appeal, condense the site's navigation, and improve the online rental experience to be more efficient.

Spotify Mobile Library

UI Design, July 2019

In June 2019, Spotify released a controversial update to its mobile UI that sent users into an uproar on social media. I decided to redesign the mobile app using findings from user survey I conducted that created a common ground between the streaming experience users were familiar with, while still supporting Spotify's goal of promoting their selection of podcasts.

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Will McDonald Woodworks

eCommerce Web Design, November 2019

I was hired as a freelance web designer for Will McDonald Woodworks, a woodworker and artist in the Philadelphia area, to create an eCommerce site where he could sell his work online and create a CMS that allowed him to easily add more items to his site.