Party Planner App

One thing I've learned as I've gotten older is just how significantly less fun parties can feel when you're the one hosting them. The problem is there's so much to take care of — the guest list, making sure you have all necessary items, finding a date and time that works for everybody (or most people) — and felt there had to be a way to make all of this more easy to keep track of than what we currently have available at our disposal.

Getting Started

I was originally inspired to start this project as a solution to the dreaded issue of friends’ schedules being less free as we get older and further transition into the "real world" after a close friend’s birthday came and went without a single gathering to celebrate it. Fearing this would be the case for most future birthdays, my friends and I came up with the solution to just throw one party in the summer to celebrate all of friends’ birthdays in that season and try to find a date that would best fit everybody’s schedules.

The issue then arose in keeping track of what days of the week everybody worked, when friends went back to school, who was going on vacation when… It became a side job for me to organize when everybody’s availability was, and I found myself wishing there was a program to just visualize all of this information for me, or better yet have everybody account for themselves.

I was not able to find a solution and was left to take on the role of the party’s executive assistant, but it did provide me inspiration to create this project — The Party Planner App (I'm not a marketing major, naming projects isn't quite my forté.)


I feel that the ones who can lose track of planning for parties and events are those who have many other responsibilities on their plates that allow for planning to fall on the back burner and thus are more in need of an organizer. I opted to design the personas around those who are well into their adulthood, rather than individuals in their early 20s.


Female, 51

Linda is a suburban mother who often goes overboard putting different responsibilities on her plate; Yes, she wants to show off the new backsplash in her kitchen, but does she really have to be the one to host every neighborhood barbecue? Can't Denise down the street host for once? Anyways, Linda is usually involved heavily in planning different events, but she just wishes she could have one seamless place to keep track of who still needs to RSVP, items she still needs at the party, and ensuring the date and time works for a good majority of the guest list.


Female, 43

Denise loves to attend events, and always tries to be an exceptional guest, because she's just too busy to really ever host. Why? That's besides the point. Regardless, she loves to make appearances wherever she can, as long as it doesn't take up too much of her time because she's just got so much else going on, you know? "Like what"? Irrelevant. She's just busy, Karen.

Task Flow

I wanted to create a task flow for both the host and guest in order to best provide visual depiction of both sides of the coin in using this app. For the guest flow, the grey boxes depict actions that can take place outside of the app through a direct link sent via text, email, etc. whereas further action will be available after being prompted to and downloading the app.

Host Flow

Guest Flow


For this project I haven't yet fully designed the UI, however I wanted to create detailed enough wireframes so that every feature was fully understandable through solely visuals.

I've also divided the views into both the host's view and the guests' view, as each have different functionality.

Host View

From Left to Right:
Home Screen, Set Date Screen, Invite Guests Screen, Create To Do List Screen

From Left to Right:
Notifications Screen, Message Inbox Screen, Message Chat Screen, Event View Selector Screen

Guest View

From Left to Right:
Invite Text Link, Setting Date Availability via Safari Link, CTA to Download the App, Home Screen