Spotify Mobile Redesign

Spotify's most recent major update to its mobile platform left its customers confused about navigating their library and missing features such as the Songs section of their music. In this redesign, without affecting the work that Spotify has done to their UI, I take into the consideration the feedback of Spotify users from r/Spotify to implement changes they felt necessary.

Getting Started

The three main concerns I wanted to tackle in this redesign per the feedback of Spotify users was to revert some of the omitted features of the library section such as the Songs section and adding back the Recently Listened to section to the Library tab. Furthermore, users expressed concern for accessing music as quickly as possible, in cases such as driving in the car, so I added a new gesture to hold down on a playlist, album, or artist's cover art to shuffle play. Lastly, Spotify has been trying to pivot into the podcast industry, but most users reported not having interest in listening to them, so rather than cramming podcasts and users' music into one tab, I've created a separate tab for podcasts that highlights them without feeling wedged into music listeners' experience.


Research artifacts to be added soon.


I feel a major demographic of Venmo's users are college students and the people around them who are introduced to Venmo as a result of being asked "Do you have Venmo?" To represent these frequent users I have created the personas of Jack, a junior in college, and Linda, his loving mother at home whom without her monthly contributions to his checking account Jack would starve.


Male, 20

Jack is living off campus for the first time and has been put in charge of the rent of the seven-person home, all of whom are responsible for different percentages of the rent. It's a lot of information to keep track of on top of his school work, and being a typical unorganized college student it's easy to lose track of who owes how much each month.


Female, 51

Linda is the mother of two college students and while she loves them and trusts that they're making good choices and able to survive on their own, she would feel more reassured knowing they have a little extra spending money each month to ensure they're able to afford groceries and have a meal on their table every night. Also, she loves the feeling of being up with the times and participating in the latest social media that her kids talk about. Getting one of her kids to set up frequent transfers for her allows her to easily send a fixed amount of money every month to cover food and rent, while feeling involved. It's a win-win!


The design of this concept was meant to suit users' needs while still conforming to Spotify's UI design. The purpose for using more tabs at the bottom is to make for faster navigation. I've also included more cover art in the redesign as image visuals will typically be more easily registered to users than just text. Lastly, I've reintroduced "saving" content, while also including "liking" content as a way to favorite content amongst already saved songs, artists, albums, etc. to make users' favorite music more easily accessible.

New Main Screens

From Left to Right:
Home Screen, Shuffle Play Animation, Your Music Library Screen, Podcasts Screen

Saved Artists Screens

From Left to Right:
All Saved Artists Screen, Individual Saved Artist Screen, Saved Artist Screen (Scrolled Down)

Saved Songs Screens

From Left to Right:
Saved Songs Screen, Saved Songs Screen (Scrolled Down), Saved Songs Filter Screen, Prompt to Save All Saved Album Tracks to Songs Section