Sterling Carting

This was a 3 month project where I was tasked with redesigning Sterling Carting's website to be more aesthetically pleasing, and improving the customer experience by making ordering a container online more efficient and finding their collection schedule much easier.

Role: Web Designer, UX Designer

How might we make information more easily accessible and improve the efficiency of online orders to prevent phone tag between the office and customer?

The Problem

The initial concern was with the site's visual appeal, however when reviewing the home page closer I found a few other red flags such as the fact that it featured call-to-action buttons that didn't give indication they were buttons until you hovered over them, as well as links to services that they no longer offered. Additionally, there was a generic contact us form that made the space feel too cluttered.

Sterling offers the option for customers to order recycling containers (dumpsters) online, however before this redesign the online order form looked like this. It did little to guide the user and inform them of what information was imperative for the office to put the order through, such as the size of the container needed, what material it would hold, and placement instructions for the driver.

Lastly, Sterling made information on its collection schedule available online, however it was difficult to navigate to as important information was only accessible through nested links.


There were two major constraints that I had to work with for this project. The first was that I was restricted to working with WordPress, a platform that limited customization and a platform that I had no previous exposure to. The second constraint I had to work with is that I was the only designer working on this project, and had to juggle it with my other administrative duties, rather than giving it my full attention throughout the workday.

User Research & Persona Development

I drew most of my insights from my firsthand experience helping customers find information on garbage collection and taking their orders over the phone. Through some reflection, I was able to create a persona, Rick, to help guide my design choices to better suit their needs.

There is a large emphasis on efficiency in ordering as most often customers are calling in the middle of their workday, and thus like to limit their time on the phone, so making the online ordering process easy to understand and reducing the amount of follow-up needed was the priority.

Brainstorming & Wireframes

Using my insight on the customer's needs, I began coming up with concepts for how to better structure the homepage, information regarding garbage collection, and online order form.

Homepage Wireframe

Garbage Collection Wireframe

Online Order Form Wireframe

What I Delivered

Using my insight on the customer's needs, I began coming up with concepts for how to better structure the homepage, information regarding garbage collection, and online order form.


Homepage (continued)

The home page is now much more minimalistic in its appearance, and features a less cluttered navigation bar for easier searches and clear call-to-action buttons that direct to the site's featured pages.

Municipal Garbage Collection Page

Information on garbage collection is now all organized in an accordion folder, allowing all necessary town-specific information to be available on one page without overwhelming the user with at first glance.

Online Order Form

Online Order Form (continued)

The online order form is now a lot more comprehensive for customers who are not familiar with the process of ordering a dumpster. More specific fields and upfront information on container dimensions and what materials are forbidden restricts the amount of confusion on the customer's end when ordering.

If I had more time...

If I had more time with this project, I would've developed an online ordering system that allowed users to schedule their order within the company's availability. In fact, the reason why customers don't process the payment when they order online is because Sterling has to ensure that the order requested works with their schedule, and only process the customer's card when everything is confirmed.