Sterling Carting

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Web Designer, UX Designer



The biggest issue presented to me with Sterling's website when I first took on this project was its appearance, and I was asked to update the appearance. However, when I began working on it I found that the navigation to be cluttered, the online dumpster rental form did not account much for first time customers who had no idea what information we needed in order to complete a reservation, and the municipal link just lead to a page of links which directed to separate pages for each town.

Project Overview

I was first hired as an administrative assistant at Sterling, however when my boss learned about my interests in UX and web design I was presented with the opportunity to revamp their website. I wanted to take the opportunity to improve the entire experience of using their site rather than just work on making it look pretty though, so I worked on condensing their navigation, making their online order form more user-friendly, and ensuring the on-boarding process of having Sterling as your collection provider be as comprehensible as possible by simplifying the information architecture.

Design Process

Understanding the User

During my time at Sterling, I was able to experience firsthand a lot of confusion on the customer's front whenever ordering online, as they would often receive a follow-up call or email asking for additional information that was left out of their initial order request. I documented the average customer experience in a user journey map below.


Given the main paint points customers face being their lack of prior knowledge in what information to provide when renting a dumpster, and not knowing which materials go out on what day in their town, I wanted to design the site to be easily navigable so that they could have instant access to these answers without having to call in to the office.

Sketching Wireframes

I wanted to focus my early design efforts on three main pages — the home page, the online rental form, and the municipal page. These three pages offer the most content necessary for the customer experience, and I felt that by fully optimizing these pages, I would be setting a strong foundation for the site's redesign to be successful and beneficial to the user.

Final Design

The final design allowed me to complete the task of updating the visual appearance of the website. However, to show off the extensive changes made to the flow of Sterling's website, below I've included before and after shots of each major change made to the website's function.



Outcome & Learnings

Final Reflections

It was a really eye-opening experience working on a commercial website for the first time and having to really hone in on a balance between suiting the needs of both the user and the business, however oftentimes in order to have a thriving business one needs to ensure the user's needs are accounted for. In the future, I would like to be able to conduct more thorough user research for a project of this scale, but overall I feel that my experience helping customers guided me in the right direction towards making reservations and finding out all necessary information on Sterling's website a user-friendly experience.