Venmo Frequent Transfer Concept

The app that quickly skyrocketed to being essential amongst the younger generations has a nice, simple design. As such a widely used tool these days, I used it as a platform to play around with the concept of implementing additional gestures and features in an effort to make the app more convenient for users who send recurring payments. Furthermore, I designed a tab bar to bring attention to a lot of underutilized features from behind the hamburger menu in the app's current design.

Getting Started

The main reason I took on this project was a concept I had come up with to aid users who use the app to make frequent (think weekly, monthly, etc.) payments where the amount does not change. This is the case for me and my housemates in my off campus house the last two years of school as I always had to keep track of who pays how much of the rent and wished there was a way to just have all of the information available in the app without having to scroll through my transfer history.

It's no secret that the swipe gesture has been popularized by the dating app Tinder, but I felt like it could be utilized in this instance as a way to save a frequent request or payment if the user feels they'll be requesting or sending a specific amount of money to a certain individual on a regular basis.


I feel a major demographic of Venmo's users are college students and the people around them who are introduced to Venmo as a result of being asked "Do you have Venmo?" To represent these frequent users I have created the personas of Jack, a junior in college, and Linda, his loving mother at home whom without her monthly contributions to his checking account Jack would starve.


Male, 20

Jack is living off campus for the first time and has been put in charge of the rent of the seven-person home, all of whom are responsible for different percentages of the rent. It's a lot of information to keep track of on top of his school work, and being a typical unorganized college student it's easy to lose track of who owes how much each month.


Female, 51

Linda is the mother of two college students and while she loves them and trusts that they're making good choices and able to survive on their own, she would feel more reassured knowing they have a little extra spending money each month to ensure they're able to afford groceries and have a meal on their table every night. Also, she loves the feeling of being up with the times and participating in the latest social media that her kids talk about. Getting one of her kids to set up frequent transfers for her allows her to easily send a fixed amount of money every month to cover food and rent, while feeling involved. It's a win-win!

Task Flow

The nice thing about the feature to creating and using a frequent transfer is that the task flow is the same regardless whether it's for a payment or a request, so I opted to create one task flow to represent this.

Creating and Using a Frequent Transfer


Venmo's UI for most is a very simple and easily understandable one, and I didn't want my design changes to affect this, so I kept everything about the financial transaction information the same. In my design I did opt to break down the items in the hamburger menu of Venmo's current design and design a tab bar as a method for most of these hidden features to live more in the forefront of the design. In the menu's place is the profile button, which I also redesigned. Lastly, I changed the pay/request button to be a fixed button in the bottom right corner for easier access and put a settings button in its original spot in the header.

The new profile now separates the users image from their QR code, makes their username more prominent, and serves as an additional screen for any payments or requests involving to the user. In the header now are the notifications button in the top left and an edit profile button in the top right.

Lastly, I blurred out the names and pictures used in these images in an effort to respect friends' privacy without compromising staying as true to Venmo's design as possible for this concept.

Frequent Transfer & Profile Screen UI

From Left to Right:
Home Screen, Creating a Frequent Request, Seeing a Frequent Request in Pay or Request Screen, Profile Screen