Will McDonald Woodworks

This was a three month long project where I was tasked with building an eCommerce site for a Philly-based woodworking artist and furniture maker. I needed to create an online store and CMS system for him to add to his inventory and a portfolio page to add projects not for commercial sale.

Role: Web Designer, Logo Designer

How might we make the online shopping experience simple for the customer, and attract attention to newer projects for sale?

The Problem

Will's sales have all been through offline buyers, and his only presence was through word of mouth, so he needed an online platform to expand the limitations of his customer base.


The major constraint I dealt with on this project was time, as I was given about a month long deadline to build the website before a showcase that he was making an appearance at so that it would be ready for him to advertise to potential buyers and clients.

Brainstorming & Wireframes

Using my insight on the customer's needs, I began coming up with concepts for how to better structure the homepage, information regarding garbage collection, and online order form.

Homepage Wireframe

Store Wireframe

What I Delivered

I built the website using WebFlow, and was able to create a homepage accompanied by an about me section, a portfolio page, the online store, and a form for commission work for potential buyers who are interested in ordering a custom piece. Additionally, to help establish his brand further I designed his logo.


Homepage (continued)

The home page opens with a graphic background of a close-up of Will's work, with the logo and a call-to-action button prompting the user to view his online store overlaying it. When the user scrolls down further, they'll see some of the latest pieces Will uploaded for sale.


Commissions Form

To make purchasing whichever piece suits the customer's needs best, I built an online store where Will could upload and price ready-made products. Additionally, I built a commissions form for clients who want a more custom piece.

Final Logo

Lastly, to aid in further branding his business, I designed a logo for Will McDonald Woodworks. The aim was to be minimalist so that it could work with a responsive site easily, while still graphic and memorable.

If I had more time...

If I had more time with this project, I would've explored building a filter system for the eCommerce store section of the site. A huge part of the shopping experience is finding products that are within your price range, so not being able to sort the items by price and filter them only by what you can afford is an area for improvement.